UK Companies Monitoring

What tool could be used to Continuous Companies Monitoring / Company Scanner

This great product called the UK Company Monitor could be successfully applied the KYC and Customer Due Diligence according to AML 4th Directive and UK AML Regulations. It is also a great tool for accountants, bookkeepers and other business owners that want to be sure that their CRM data are up to date and their customers companies are still operative and “alive”.


Main features includes:

  • Import your customer companies from CSV / Txt file and upload to UK Company Monitor
  • Start first time – initial check to get all the information and company data from the official UK Companies House registry
  • Display fist Data Quality Report that presents result like statistical data, missing data report, incorrect companies numbers and more
  • Configure time based scheduler to start monitoring in the future
  • Get your reports on e-mail and export them to CSV Files.
  • Free trail of the tool Platform