Continuous customer scanning – changes monitoring

The changing circumstances of your customers

According the the UK regulations you need to keep up-to-date information on your customers so that you can:

  • amend your risk assessment of a particular customer if their circumstances change
  • carry out further due diligence measures if necessary

Changes of circumstance may include:

  • a big change in the level or type of business activity
  • a change in the ownership structure of a business

Having a great number of customer and ensure the up2date of your data with the official records like Companies House could be challenging without the proper help.

Periodical check of changes and on-line synchronization your customer database (CRM) with the official records is required to discover changing circumstances of your customers like:

  • ownership structure change
  • main residence address change (country for example)
  • change the type of business activity

All those tasks and activities mentioned above could be carried out automatically thanks the the great tool called: UK Companies Monitoring which available on the HyperFlow SaaS Platform.