Anti-Money Laundering (AML) SaS

Our company provides IT-based software products that will help your organization or company to provide effective counteraction against

  • money laundering
  • frauds
  • counter-terrorism financing

Main out-of-the box features of our platform includes:

  • Sanction list searching module
  • Above 10000 EUR threshold transactions discovering module
  • Customer analysis, which includes the analysis of high-risk countries, industries and other customizable rules
  • Detection of related transactions
  • Know your customer module
  • Data quality reporting
  • And more

AML Platform Architecture

Our AML platform is offered in SaS model on very efficient and scalable IT environment.

AMLD 4 SaS soltution diagram

The main part of the architecture includes

1) Import data from the following sources:

  • CRM Data
  • Business Relations
  • Transaction registry

2) Processing imported data by modular platform which includes:

  • UBO Discovery module
  • PEP List module
  • Sanctions list search module
  • AI Fraud detection engine

3) Presentation of the results by:

  • Generating reports
  • Providing alerts
  • Presenting top-insights on the dashboards

We offer both out-of-the box Software as Service products and advanced AML / CFT solutions tailored to individual needs.

We could also provide you variety of consulting and assistance services with data integration with your third-party system, designing complete AML solutions and even more.